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2022 Qingming Dedication Representative Worship Service - by Jeff Lim

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 Pray Set include :
1 Rice
3 Dishes
1 Tea
1 Small Set of Joss Paper 


Prayer Date :   
7/3 (Mon) Semenyih              9/3 (Wed) Kuala Lumpur      10/3 (Thu) Shah Alam  

Online Order Form

Place your order now for only RM38


7/3 (Mon) Semenyih
9/3 (Wed) Kuala Lumpur
10/3 (Thu) Shah Alam

Thanks for your order!

Bank : Maybank
Account No : 1141 9648 1680
Name : Lim Eng Thiam
Reference : (pls indicate applicant name)

Please send us the transaction slip ya.

Thank you.
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