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Important of Planning

Why need plan

If someone left unexpectedly and so suddenly, most of their loved ones will face the following problems:-


They will be caught off and not know what to do next.


Not all families can come up with such big sum of money in a short amount of time to handle a funeral.


Conflict may occur due to budget and differences idea of funeral ceremony.


Some may have negative view on life because they aren’t prepared psychologically and feel like life are going to end and  terribly hopeless.


We love our loved ones, family and friends. Surely we don’t allow the above situations to be fall on them, but still keeps happening repeatedly.


Why! That is because people view bereavement pre-planning narrow-mindedly and misinterprets it, someone even shuns it and treats it a taboo. The ‘Pantang’ mindset lies within many of us.

If we have a properly arranged our bereavement pre-planning:-


Our family can avoid the predicament of fork out a large sum of money in a limited time because Nirvana Memorial offers credit card interest free installment purchase.


Can lock the price, against inflation -

Using today's money for future's services


We can save our loved ones from an unpredictable and unexpected financial burden.


We can order own farewell ceremony according to our wish, this will bring us with total peace of mind and unencumbered.




虽然花开花谢是大自然不变的定律,有生就有灭,为什么我们一再的看到当一个人离开后,家人亲友总是惊慌失措,措手不及呢? 那是因为大马华人对于「死亡」字眼带有忌讳,事前规划的观念尚不普遍,仍有许多人心存排斥,「不吉利」、「会倒霉」、「生人霸死地」、「pantang」、「还早」、「到时才打算」等等的想法让不少人抱持这消极的态度面对,总认为等真正有需要时还来得及。想法实现呢?





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